• Hikes Point Music, Louisville, Kentucky, 1971-1972
  • East End Music, Louisville, Kentucky, 1976-1977
  • The Guitar Emporium, Louisville, Kentucky, 1986-1987
  • The Musicians Institute of Technology, Hollywood, California, 1987-1988


 Jimmy Scott was born into a musical family. His father and six uncles all played professionally: “Some of my earliest memories are of being back stage with all of the musicians on their shows”. He began playing guitar at the age of ten and turned professional at the age of fifteen. Since 1976, he has worked and toured throughout the United States, Canada, South America, Asia, Europe, and Scandinavia as a Sideman and Band leader, gaining extensive experience in live performance, recording, songwriting, engineering and producing. This includes, among others, The Monterey Jazz and Blues Festivals, The Portland, Long Beach, San Diego, Holland Estafette and Finnland  Rauma Blues festivals, and The Motown “HAL” Awards . He has done hundreds of sessions over the years, including music as diverse as for Public Radio, and to the soundtrack of the motion picture “Starship Troopers”, as well as recordings for major artists such as Ray Charles, Little Richard, Peggy Scott-Adams, Delaney Bramlett, etc… Other notes of interest: “I’ve also worked the door of a local L. A. club with Elliot Gould, and kissed Brooke Shields dead on the lips in another!”  He can provide lead and backup vocals, and can double on slide, lap steel, dobro, bass, drums, and percussion. As an educator, he has taught guitar at Los Angeles City College (over nine years), West L. A. College (two years), Culver City Adult School (one year), The Musicians Institute of Technology (two and a half years), and five instructional videos for “My services are always for hire for local gigs, tours, and recordings as well as private instruction”.

(Interview with Monica Yonge for from 2005)

1. Where there any events, people or catalyst(s) that were musically influential?

My father was the youngest of 7 brothers and they all played professionally. My earliest memories are of them playing music at the family functions, and of being backstage at my fathers shows. Also, I remember seeing the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show with my grandparents when I was three. I noticed there was a big difference when they played and when my father and uncles played… mainly all the screaming girls! Another event that happened when I was quite young was my seeing two teen age students play at an open house at the high school where my aunt was a music teacher. They were closer to my age, and they kind of made an impression that maybe I could play too and it was not just something grown ups do. The thing that really finalized it for me was my first concert when I was 13… Doctor Hook and the Medicine Show headlined, the Guess Who were third on the bill, Sugarloaf was second, and a band called Aim opened. That was when I made up my mind that that was what I was gonna do for the rest of my life!

2. What does your live set up consist of? I use several guitars for different sounds and applications… I have a nice Les Paul, an ES-335,a Strat, a Tele, and a Danelectro set up for slide. For acoustic work, I have a nice Martin HD-28. For amplifiers, I have a matchless that I designed and Phil Jameson built for me. All I really wanted was a combination of two of their amps and he made it happen. They have it on the market now as the Avenger. Mine is the prototype and it’s in a head now. I use it with a 2×12 closed back cabinet that they made for me. I also have a trace acoustic ta100r. My pedal board is a Furman, and I run into a MXR Dynacomp into a Ernie Ball volume pedal that runs into a Boss TU-2 tuner. It then runs into a Vox wah wah, Ibanez Tube Screamer, MXR phase 90, TC Electronic Stereo Chorus/Flanger, Voodoo Lab tremolo, Option 5 destination rotation, and then to a T-Rex replica delay. 3. You have extensive experience in live performance, recording, song writing, engineering and producing. How do you recommend recording fat rhythm guitar & bass lines? I always like to get a distant mike a few feet back out in the room as well as a close mike right up on the speaker. The sound of the room (and having a good sounding room) is extremely important for me. Also, as little, or no EQ from the board as possible. I’ve always had good results recording bass direct, or maybe a direct line mixed with a little bit of the amp signal. 4. When you mic up your amp for recording what are the best settings to have on your amp? Should the amp settings change when changing guitar effects with a foot pedal? For example from chorus to distortion. I like to use a small amp cranked to get bigger sounds… it’s easier to manage, and always comes out sounding bigger than if you use a larger amp. Settings vary all over the place, depending on what type of music, or what you’re trying to accomplish at the moment. 5. What recording equipment and software have you used to produce some of your CDs? I only have a small Roland VS880 here at my place, but back in the day, I used my friends Teac 244 when those came out, and shortly afterwards, I bought a Yamaha MT44 when they came out. 6. How can I get the best live drum recording without using a professional studio? Set up in a large room in a house or a warehouse… anywhere that breathes and has a decent sound to the room and get those muffles off the drums! 7. Have you ever recorded drums using a sequencer, if so which one(s) would you recommend? Back in the day, I bought a Roland 727 when they came out. That was my first experience with a drum machine. I’ve had an Alesis HR-16B and I now have a Roland R8. 8. Ive often wondered when I see rain or shine listed on a bill for an outdoor show what is the rule of thumb regarding rain & playing live? Speaking for myself, if it’s still raining and it’s an outdoor thing, I won’t drag my equipment out in it. If it’s been raining and it’s let up, as long as I feel it’s safe, I’ll play! 9. You have played with so many amazing and talented musicians who are mentioned in your bio, how have these opportunities come to you? Most every major tour I’ve ever been on has come for someone seeing me play somewhere. A lot of times it’s been in some hole in the wall club where I was just sitting in for fun. Other than that, just sheer perseverance!!! 10. What has been the highs & lows of your career so far? Wow… how do I answer this one?… there have been way too many lows to list, but some have been fighting with family members, losing a wife and numerous girlfriends, being stabbed in the back by so called friends, just to get to where I am at this point and to be where I am now. The high point, at this point and time, would have to be being where I am now, and doing it my way with as few compromises as possible! 11. What is the title and feel of your latest CD? The latest CD I’m on is Terry Evans latest, and I only have a rough copy I got after we recorded, so I’m not even sure what it’s called (Fire In The Feeling), but it’s his latest one. 12. How many CDs have you recorded to date? To be completely honest, I have no idea… I’ve been in this business for a LOOOOONG time now and I don’t really keep track of everything I do. 13. Have you ever been signed with any of the major record companies? Not personally, but I’ve recorded, played, and toured with lot’s of major acts. 14. What music associations are you affiliated with? I’m not sure what you mean here… I’m endorsed by Matchless amplifiers, if that’s what you’re looking for… 15. When, where and what was it like to play with Albert Collins? I was fortunate enough to play with him on a couple of occasions. I wasn’t in the band, just talked my way up on the gig! He was a wonderful man. Unbelievably nice to everyone around him and you know what he was like as a player!!! my god… just the most powerful player you could ever imagine. He had his own way of tuning, and a completely original style. I once saw him playing with Buddy Guy, and Buddy just laid his guitar down and walked off the stage… Buddy was no slouch, but you just couldn’t beat that guy! 16. When, where and what was it like to play with Albert king? I only got to play with him once, and once again, I just talked my way up on the gig and I did get to play with him in a dressing room once a long time ago. Albert, like Albert Collins, had his own way of tuning, and an original style of playing. He was very cool about letting you play, but as with both of those guys, it didn’t matter what you played… as soon as he hit those runs, that Stevie Ray so masterfully copied, it was like you weren’t even there! Very humbling, I stood next to Albert on stage that night and saw him get a standing ovation for changing a broken string! I miss both of those guys SO much!!! 17. Will you be putting out a guitar instructional DVD in the future? I just did 5 videos for but I don’t have any plans to do any more at the moment. 18. What studios and people would you recommend having a CD mixed & mastered at? I like Barry Paul’s place, Barry Paul recording, and also Dave Pearlman’s place, Rotund Rascal Recording, but I don’t really have any favorites… to me it’s not the place or the equipment, it’s more about the people I’m working with, and how we interact. 19. What are your plans for the rest of 2005? To make it to 2006!!!

“The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There’s also a negative side”. – Hunter S. Thompson


Joe Campbell (310) 594-1881
Joe Kincaid (323) 270-6835
Richard West (714) 658-5128
T-Lou Eaglin (323) 754-4477
Donna Lynne (775) 815-2339
Al Bonhomme (818) 887-6196
Keith Wyatt (323) 255-0766

Professional Experience

  Claude Butch Morgan The Altered Natives
  Surprise Package The Grove Doctors (San Antonio)
  Catherine Denise Curley Mays
  The San Antonio Blues Cats The Humble Blues All-stars
  The Mighty Ones Lee Lee Alcorn Band
  Ray Wiley Hubbard Redd Volkaert
  Sauce Gonzales & The West Side Sound Stringtown
  Howlin’ Jack Ernie Garibay
  Willie J. Laws Jr. Slim & The Phat Tones
  Rick Plester Volente Beach Boys
  Jim Nosler & All Summa Long Dawn Maracle Band
  Jul & The Chrome Wheels Band Bobby Beal
  Benny Harp Alan Voight
  Mike Ellis Ricky Howard & Mudbone
  Bishop Cunningham Jr.  Cat Man Dudes
  Terri & The T-Bones Madison (Ike Turner)
  Dene Marie Jomei Cody LePow
  Robert Banks Shemekia Copeland
  Bobby Rush Big Bones
  Jo Marie Payton (Family Maters) The Four Tops
  The Originals Lester Chambers (The Chambers Brothers)
  Bennie & The Swamp Gators Lucky Peterson
  David Sousa & the Mud Bugs Lionel “Electric Man” Davis
  Barbara Morrison Great Scott & The Baron (Scott Columby)
  Dirty Pictures Donny & The Penetrators
  Laura St. Paul Mabel John
  Stand Back La Cat (Cat Cody Ramos)
  The Drifters The Marvelletes
  B.B. Queen Frankee Lee
  Little Milton Solomon Burke
  Andre Thierry Sherri Pruitt
  Chick Willis Vernon Garrett
  Charles Wilson The Joe Campbell Orchestra
  Devon Johnson (Jus Von) Curtis Marlatt
  The Tall Guy Blues Band Sugar Blue (The Rolling Stones)
  Little Wolf J.P. Miles
  Jackie Jackson Sir Stan & The Counts
  Jewel Akins Little Jesse
  The Amazing Van (Van Wilson) Smokey Wilson
  Queen Izzabella Duke of Earl
  T-Lou & The Super Hot LA Zydeco Band Ike Turner Review (Ike Turner)
  Joe Houston Donna Lynne
  Richard West & Raw Country Seville
  J.J. “Badboy” Jones Larry Knight & Blowin’ Smoke
  Kid Ramos (James Harmon/Fabulos T-Birds) Harmonica Fats
  The Blooze Dogs Dewey Terry (Don & Dewey)
  Gwen Moore Red Johnson & the Members
  Yolanda Adams Lady Mac
  Yolanda Johnson & Destiny King Earnest
  Finis Tasby Lester Butler
  Romona Bush Vicki G.
  Cornelius M.D. Lowell Fulsom
  Eddie Daniels & Lady GiGi Donna Washington
  Sonny Green Chu Chu & the Lovely Band
  Mary Williams Chester Davis
  Charles Barnett Doc Semco
  Duffy Glenn & Mainstreet Band Tommy Lewis & Paradise
  Terrance Polite Toni Dodd & Southbound
  The Hardtops Yvone Butler
  Daryl Reynolds Mighty Mo Rodgers
  Chris Moore & Moments Notice Jah Moon (Reggie “Tommy” Butler)
  Larry Johnson & the New Breed Joe Kincaid & the Soul Brothers
  Michelle Shocked Carolyn Basley
  The Blue Warriors Kid Boone
  Bobby Phillips & Joystick Band Sweet Ida
  Big Willie Joyce Lawson
  Coyote Moon Fernando & Spice
  Jeanie Holiday Eugene Perry Franklin (Little Richard)
  Sam Green Deacon Jones (Freddie King/John Lee Hooker))
  The Chucks Harry Dean Stanton/Billy Swan/James Intveld
  Sonny Montgomery & Road House XMAS in July
  Michael Proctor (The FIth Dimension) Danny Woods
  Pioneer Club House Band Albert Collins
  Laura Wesley The Sullivan Show
  Jimmy Scott Blues Band Albert King
  The Vibrations Band The Conspiracy
  Pedro & The Chinamen Savoire Faire
  Addie (Fanny/ Willie Dixon) Tower of Power Rhythm Section (Tower Of Power)
  Lonnie Turner & The Boneshakers (Steve Miller/Dave Mason/John Fogerty) The Angle
  Henry Townsend Harmonica Sam
  Smoketown Red 26th Street Blues Band
  The Cowtones Linda D. and Sun Country
  J. Walker & the Pedestrians Andy Weston
  Bad Reputation Thunderbuck Ram
  Sundown George & The Lonesome Cowboy Band Black Ice
  Delaney Bramlett Jimmy Lewis (Ray Charles/Little Richard/Peggy Scott-Adams)
  D.A. Bookman (Rodger Clinton) Tony Hornback
  Rosalee Brooks Project (Jimi Hendrix) Tina Mayfield & Billy Diamond (Percey Mayfield/Fats Domino)
  Sterling Williams Carl Verheyen (Supertramp)
  V.I.B. Band Jimbo Ross & the Bodacious Blues Band
  Rick Latham (Edgar Winter) Marva Wright
  Stan Patterson Steve Trovato
  The Set Free Band Tameron Gennae
  The Jonah Kiss Johnny Hiland
  Mark St. Mary Dick Simms (Eric Clapton)
  James Gatson (Watts 163rd St. Band/Paul McCartney/Bill Withers) Terry Evans (Ry Cooder)
  Patrick Landerville Lil’ Lee
  Bright Eyes Sam Moore (Sam & Dave)
  Marcus Miller (Miles Davis/David Sanborne) Garland Green
  The Classics Four Harvey Scales
  Chuck Strong Floyd Taylor
  Skip Van Winkle (Bob Seger/Teagarden & Van Winkle) Floyd Sneed (Three Dog Night)
  Fereckiea White Lyrica Garrett
  Michael English Band Jeanette Turner (Ike Turner)
  J.R. Miller Bobby Griffen
  Tim Bogert (Vanilla Fudge/Cactus/Beck, Bogert & Appice) Jollie Starr
  Bobby Love Donna Shannon
  Joe Holmes (Ozzy Osbourne/David Lee Roth) Minnie Foxx
  Guitar Shorty Stephen Patt (vintage Guitar Magazine)
  Muffy Charles Madam D.
  Shelly Fisher Steven Rosen (Guitar Player/Rolling Stone/Guitar World)
  Jimmy Waldo (New England/Alcatraz) Bruce Gary (The Knack/Jack Bruce)
  Kenny Walker (Little Richard) Terry Wilson (Back Street Crawler/Theresa James)
  Liz Neville Jesse Stern
  Eddie Senegal (B.B. King) Paulie Cerra
  Keith Wyatt Maureen Kelley
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  Vas-tie Jackson Lady Gia
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  Bobby Pickett & John Hyde (Detective) Ritt Henn
  Jim Rainer Black Speed & Company
  Reggi Cat Bruce Conte (Tower Of Power)
  Terry Thomas Jill Sharpe
  Ernie Todd Alana Thomas
  Count Yates (Little Richard) Alex Weir (Brothers Johnson/Talking Heads)
  Brenton Woods Lionel Green
  Charles Green William Porter
  Mann Johnson Mel Alexander
  Anice Devoe Mary Green
  Zola moon Brenda Holloway
  Eddie Kramer (Jimi Hendrix/Led Zeppelin/Rolling Stones/Bad Company) Billy Rader
  Tom Hunt Carl McGreggor
  Cynthia Manley Pat Dinizio (The Smithereens/XM Radio)
  Roy Jones Wilma Ferguson
  Jim Brown Myron Barnett Band
  Milne & Macintosh Darrell Mansfield
  Curtis Griffin Jaimie Powell
  Al Day Redbone
  Marla Gibbs (The Jeffersons/227) Louisiana “Guitar” Red
  Charlie Jones Bonne Muzique Zydeco
  Willie “Slim” Burton Tiera Doom
  Micky Champion J.J. Burton
  Michael English Band John Zipperer & friends
  Rue Davis Artie “Blues Boy” White
  Peggy Scott-Adams Homer Broadnax
  Joe Conners Deb & the Dynamics
  Pat Smillie The Blues Gene
  Evan Finn & The Affinity Band Steve E, George
  Blues Locomotive The Rex Bongo Band
  The Soul Proprietors The Rosebush Theory
  Rocker Straight From The Tap
  The Sophisticated Hippies Boone County Band
  Brandon Jackson & The Po’ Boys  
Industry Quotes
Eric Baum, Sony Corp.
Jimmy Scott is the real deal with a guitar. An authentic American original musician who has all of the creative talent and hard earned tools to express the sound of our diverse culture. His skills are enhanced by his passion and ability to truthfully translate the spirit of music from classic R&B, Texas shuffles and swing to Zydeco and jazz. Its in the hands and heart folks, not the gear.
Stephen Patt, Vintage Guitar Magazine
…Robert Johnson ain’t dead…his trouble-making, restless spirit lives on in the body of one Jimmy Scott, a wild, fiery guitarist who seems to be literally everywhere in Southern California, no mean feat, playing a stinging beat-up blonde Gibson ES-335 with tremendous verve, bringing to mind the original Chicago bluesmen. From his fingers to his toes, this guy is the real deal, a modern blues player who literally rocks the house!
Keith Wyatt, Musicians Institute of Technology
Jimmy Scott is a CGS- Certified Guitar Strangler!
Steven Rosen, pro music journalist for over 30 years.
Jimmy Scott straddles the super slinky line between rock and a blues place. He’s in touch with the grand masters of the recent past – Paul Kossoff, Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, and the like – and at the same time, he brings to this classic sort of style a melodic bluesiness all his own. Tonally, Scott runs it all the way from vintage single-coiled, woody Stratocaster sounds to buzzard-killing, gnaw on your bones Les Paul screams from hell. Jimmy is a guitar freak in the best way, a lover of the guitar and everything those six strings have ever meant. He is a bona fide Electric Guitarist – capital E, capital G – and is someone who not only plays the blues, but is a modern-day, 21st century example of someone who is living it.
Vernon Neilly, Award Winning Guitarist/Producer
Jimmy Scott is a journeyman guitarist/musician who has literally made a worldwide name for himself playing with some of this century’s legendary artist’s
Dene Marie Jomei, Artist, Singer, Songwriter
Jimmy Scott’s guitar wizardry is an explosive infusion of blues, soul, rock and country. Inspired by Jimi Hendrix and a multitude of guitar greats of all musical genres, his passion and perfectionism are relentless.
Donna Lynne, Vocalist
Jimmy Scott is an extremely gifted guitarist. No matter the genre, his sound demonstrates his fire & passion for his craft. Where some guitarists need a complete solo to make a statement, Jimmy gets straight to your soul with just one note! With a winning personality, Jimmy’s an absolute jewel to work with!